Nile Li-Cycle Private Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of Nile Limited.


Nile Limited has been a pioneer in organized eco-friendly

Lead Acid Battery Recycling for over two decades and is one of India’s largest Lead Recyclers.


As a company, Nile is strongly committed to the concept of URBAN Mining. This has the dual benefit of maximizing recoverable value from available resources whilst reducing generation of waste.


Adhering to this philosophy of eco-friendly and technologically advanced urban mining, Nile Li-cycle Private Limited has been set up. This will be the first of its kind commercial scale Lithium ion recycling plant in India with patented process know how, and the capability to recycle both process rejects at different stages of the Li-ion cell manufacturing chain, as well as end of life Li-ion battery waste. Thus, we will help create a circular economy and sustainable supply chain for the manufacturing of Lithium ion cells and batteries.


Stay tuned for more details on our upcoming plant and products.


Plot No.24 A/A, MLA Colony, Road No.12, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad-500034